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Heal & Release

psychotherapy for relief
from trauma, tragedy,
and difficult life transitions

Suffering can feel like being at the bottom of a deep, dark hole and seeing no way out. Whether due to loss, trauma, burnout, or blowout, persistent suffering wears us down until we feel trapped, powerless, and confused. 


Psychotherapy can help expand the tunnel vision that often accompanies anxiety and depression. A therapist can be a companion on a journey through the dark times of life, providing support while also carrying a flashlight through the cavern of darkness and despair. This is how I work. You deserve support and validation, assistance in your recovery from trauma and tragedy, and help in creating the changes you want to see in your life.


You have every right to feel how you feel... 

It’s what you DO with those feelings that really matters.



Click here for more information and to start the process to healing and release.

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